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Mold/ Air Quality Testing

What is a Mold/Air Quality Test?

A mold inspection will check for the presence of mold /mold spores in a home. The first step is a visual inspection for signs of mold and water damage. The visual inspection comes standard with every home inspection. However, a client can order more invasive testing if they wish. Mold/Air Quality testing is an invasive mold test where samples of the air and various surfaces will be taken throughout the home to determine the volume and type of mold spores in a home. The samples will be sent to a nationally accredited lab for analysis and reporting.

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Certified Roof Inspections

If the property's roof that is being inspected is 5-15 years old, we recommend having a certified, roof inspection conducted along with your home inspection from our partner, Butler Home Restoration. This includes a detailed analysis of the roof and gutter system and will include repair and maintenance recommendations and costs. 

Free Repair Estimate Reports with Every Residential Inspection

Repair Estimate Reports

(Contingent on service area, ask an associate for more details)

Based on items noted as not acceptable or defective in the inspection report, a list of items that are in need of repair will be created. The corresponding repair cost will be noted as well. Receive a streamlined report that makes it easy for realtors to request repairs. The report will also include information for local, licensed, and insured contractors to make the neccessary repairs. There are contractors for every industry! Also, you will receive a dedicated Success Manager to coordinate and manage your projects. Every repair comes with a one-year warranty. Repair Estimate Reports are delivered within 24-48 hours after your inspection report is completed.

*Certain service areas outside of the Metro Atlanta area, may be subject to a fee for this service. Please ask an associate for more details.*

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