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CE Class Course Offerings for Realtors

Presented by Eric Keese

Safety & Situational Awareness                                           3 Hours


In this course, you will learn self defense techniques and what to look for in your surroundings and immediate environment, gain insight on how your unconscious behavior makes you an victim, learn strategies to help you prepare for events with safety in mind, and gain wisdom on making smarter choices as it relates to safety matters. ACTION- Learn simple self defense maneuvers for general life and business situations.




Agents to learn the verbal and nonverbal skills necessary to grow their business through communication. Agents will discuss how to effectively connect with people of all levels. It is imperative that agents not only communicate clear & concise messages, but they must connect with potential clients.

PROFIT FROM YOUR PERSONALITY                                 3 Hours

IN LEAD  GENERATION                                                                                                     

Rather than simply copying someone else's lead generation technique, learn to play to your individual strengths. This workshop will help you do just that. We will discuss the myths vs. realities of sales, discover your predominant personality type, discuss ideal lead generation tactics based on personality, and most importantly.

GEORGIA LICENSE LAW                                                  3 Hours


License Law....a requirement of maintaining your Real Estate License! A new adopted rule change from the Real Estate Commission states that Effective July 1, 2016, any licensee who renews an active license on or after this date must have completed at least (3) hours of continuing education on the topic of license law in order to renew. This course has you covered!! Upon completion of this course you will have a thorough understanding of the rules to Georgia License Law.



Lay out the plans for success working with buyers in new construction. This course will show you how to effectively represent buyers in new construction sales. Agents will understand the construction timelines, the offer and negotiation process and how to smoothly get your buyer across the finish line and into their new home!


This course is designed to explain how to use the "Reverse Mortgage" program to help seniors (62+) purchase property. The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Purchase program can be used to increase an agent's sales and serve the growing Baby Boomer population. 

(A $20/agent fee is assessed to this class. All proceeds will be donated a local non-profit agency)

MESS FREE SOCIAL MEDIA                                                            3 Hours    

This interactive workshop is compliance for social media and will review how to have a social media presence without getting blocked, banned, fined, or jailed. Ideal for: Real Estate pros using social media who want to better integrate laws, ethics, and social media etiquette in their social media marketing.

BABY BOOMERS - Becoming the Advisor                              3 Hours

Currently there are about 78 million baby boomers, which is the wealthiest segment of the population.As real estate professionals, we need to know how to service the needs of this active aging population. This class uncovers the facts and myths of this diverse group of homebuyers and prepares real estate professionals to grow their business with experienced clients.


Millennials are now the largest group of homebuyers in our market. Millennials are the most tech savvy and socially connected generation ever. As real estate professionals, we need to know what they want and what makes them tick. This class uncovers the facts and myths of this diverse group of homebuyers and prepares real estate professionals to grow their business in the new millennium. 

Inspection Related CE Courses 

Presented by UWS Inspections


Dissecting a Home's Anatomy: Getting Down to the Bare Bones of a Home       

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   3 Hours


This course will offer a detailed breakdown of the many components and systems that are used to build a home, as well as the necessary mechanical and physical elements that are required to allow a home to function appropriately. This course will explain how those systems are installed, how they operate, and the mechanical and scientific elements that allow for energy efficiency. Agents will learn about the many types of building materials that can be used to build a home, and how those materials allow a home to sustain and perform effectively. This discourse shows how the systems interact with each other to allow healthy functionality. This class will give an agent the education and tools to help them correctly market a home and to have a more solid idea of a home’s proper condition and ability.     

Courses offered in partnership with Live Gigantic Real Estate School


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